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Ruth and Rudy Tafel celebrate their 70th Anniversary June 25, 2019

In memory of Mary Robb Tafel December 12, 2018

In memory of Ginger Tafel November 7, 2018

Beth Tafel Shuster retires from Chairperson of America's branch

It's a boy!, Announcing the birth of Ethan Bradley Rohland

Introducing the newest member of the family - Addison Fitch Schell

It's a girl!, Announcing the birth of Rachel Ruth Hurst

Ruth Tafel celebrates her 90th Birthday June 6, 2016

Derek and Marjorie Tafel Wedding September 27, 2015

In memory of Hermann Tafel September 17, 2015

The 21th Tafel Family reunion will be held in Cape Cod, Massachusetts in 2016

In memory of Ted Tafel June 22, 2015

Derek Tafel and Marjorie Polunas Engagement Announcement

Replay of John Tafel's presentation on Historic Holmesburg, Philadelphia Feb 28, 2015

Carla Schell elected President of the Tafel Family Association July 2014

Katherin and Jesse Rohland Wedding August 23, 2014

Loreen Guertin and Mike Montagnon Wedding May 10, 2014

Rudy Tafel celebrates his 90th Birthday

In memory of Jim Tafel June 25, 2014

Agnes Tafel celebrates his 80th Birthday

Jesse Rohland and Katherin Hefter Engagement Announcement

The 20th Tafel Family reunion will be held in Liverpool, England in 2014

Loreen Guertin graduates from the Villanova University

Heather Hurst graduates from the University of Pennsylvania

It's a boy!, celebrate the birth of Ryan Rudy Hurst

In memory of John Tafel Smailer

Derek Tafel graduates from the Pennsylvania State University

Benjamin and Jonathan Schaechtele's story of the Mexico Family Reunion

Dick Tafel receives the Queens Diamond Jubilee Medal

Ruth A. Tafel celebrates her 86th Birthday

Rudy Tafel celebrates his 88th Birthday

Roberto Tafel of Italy celebrates his 80th Birthday

Ted and Ginger Tafel celebrate an Anniversary and a Birthday

Heather Rohland Burchell and Jason Hurst Wedding September 17, 2011

Louis and Mary Tafel celebrate their 60th Wedding Anniversary

Mexico City Family Reunion invitation - scheduled for August 2012

Robert E. Tafel and his Autoette electric car from 1940

Rudy Tafel attends the 104th Infantry Division Reunion

Leonard Tafel Branch Family Picnic August 8, 2010

Melissa Tafel graduates from the Pennsylvania State University

In memory of John F. Tafel

In memory of Nadine Synnestvedt

Christina Witkowski and Jonathan Tafel Wedding November 28, 2009

Joseph Guertin graduates from the School of Visual Arts in New York City

It's a girl, welcome Gemma Marguerita Ritchie to the family

Tafel Lager wins a gold medal in its first European Stars Award competition

Derek Tafel graduates from High School

Derek Tafel visits the Great Wall of China

Dorothy & Maurice Raraty celebrate their 70th birthdays

Gregory Tafel - Ordination into Ministry 10th Annivery

Louis Tafel celebrates his 80th Birthday

John F. Tafel celebrates his 85th Birthday

Loreen Guertin graduates from Syracuse University

Tafel's Street Sense wins the Kentucky Derby

In memory of Anna Louise Tafel Liebert

It's a girl! Announcing the birth of Charlotte Ascher Schell

In memory of Adolf Liebert June 10, 2006

Melissa Tafel graduates from High School

Ruth Ann Tafel celebrates her 80th Birthday June 6, 2006

It's a boy!! Announcing the birth of Daniel Barber

Helen Tafel Smailer passed away on March 11, 2006

In memory of Hans Georg Tafel

Loreen Guertin visits Dorothy & Maurice Raraty - Feb 2006

In memory of Betty Boericke Imhoff

Joseph Guertin graduates from High School - June 14, 2005

Jesse Rohland Graduates from Drexel University - June 11, 2005

Dick & Elsa Tafel celebrate their 50th Wedding Anniversary

In memory of Corrine Brenneman Tafel

Derek Tafel tours Germany and the Czech Republic with his High School Choir - March 2005

Anna Louise Tafel Liebert celebrates her 100th Birthday

John Synnestvedt passed away on October 8, 2004

In memory of Gretchen Worden

Rudy Tafel celebrates his 80th Birthday

In memory of Diane Armstrong

Anna & Adolf Liebert celebrate their 75th Wedding Anniversary

In memory of Ursula Klemm

Allison Tafel and Michael Barber Wedding July 25, 2003

Dora VanZyverden and Steven Synnestvedt Wedding May 17, 2003

Loreen J. Guertin graduates from High School

Ted Tafel has knee surgery

Recent TV documentary includes Lt. Carl Tafel

Ann Tafel passed away on January 7, 2003

In memory of Carl G. Tafel, Jr

Babe & Bill Tafel celebrate their 50th Wedding Anniversary

Adolph Liebert III passes away on November 11, 2002

Morgan Elizabeth Tafel is born on September 25, 2002

Ruth & Hermann Tafel celebrate their 50th Wedding Anniversary

Marion Day Tafel Synnestvedt passes away on July 3, 2002

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