The Tafel Family History Page 

             Family Trees

                     Roots of the Tafel Family Tree

                            Immanuel Branch

              Johann Friedrich Immanuel Tafel - Family Tree

                            Leonard Branch

                    Louis Herman Tafel - Family Tree

                  Leonard Immanuel Tafel - Family Tree

               Gertrude Eullale Tafel Synnestvedt - Family Tree

                            Christian Branch

                   Adolf Theodor Tafel - Family Tree

                   Paul Constantine Tafel - Family Tree

                    Family Member History

     Tobias Friderick Tafel House in Tubingen, Germany (1612-1665)

                           Julius Tafel (1862-1918)

                          Gustav Tafel (1830-1908)

                      Louis Herman Tafel (1840-1909)

                    Johann Michael Victor Tafel - 1910

                   Children of Louis Herman Tafel - 1935

                Grandchildren of Louis Herman Tafel - 1935

     Adolf Theodor Tafel and Carrie Tafel 50th Wedding Anniversary

                     Civil War Family Records

                Gustav Tafel - Civil Ware Pension Files - 1890

               Henry Clay Tafel - Civil War Pension Files - 1861

                 Adolf Tafel = Civil War Pension Files - 1917

                         Family Organization

 Chairman and Chairwomen of the Americas Tafel Family Association

                Branch Representatives in The Americas

           North American depiction of the Tafel Coat of Arms

                      Tafel Family Coat of Arms