Pictures of the Tafel Family 

Jesse and Katherine Rohland Family

Mike Hartlett of Pennsylvania

Tafel Family Members with the Mexican Snow Capped Volcanoes

Ringelberg Family of Portugal

David G. Tafel Family of Canada

Alden Schell of California and Reid Schell of Wyoming

Moonyeen Willy of Mexico

Carol and Peter Cotter of Pennsylvania

Jim Tafel Family of Pennsylvania

John Tafel and Phoung Chau of Pennsylvania

The Jonathan Tafel Family of Pennsylvania

The Waerig Family of Pennsylvania

The Barber Family of Pennsylvania

Synnestvedt Family members of Pennsylvania

Kristen Dorn and Robert Todd Kennedy Wedding

The Mortensen family from Ohio

Rudolph Koch and Family from Germany

The Dimmitt Family from North Carolina

Laura Thomas and family from Texas

Tafel Kids from Spain, Germany, Canada and America

The Americas Branch Officers

The Schleicher Tafel Family from Spain

The Edwards family from Ontario, Canada

Carl Tafel and Tedi Ann Tafel of Canada

Tobias and Katharina Tafel of Germany

Kelly Fetherlin of Florida

The Guertin Family of Pennsylvania

Cyndi and Dave Rohland of Pennsylvania

The Dave Tafel Family of Pennsylvania

Scott Tafel of Wyoming

Gertrude Tafel of Pennsylvania

The entire Louis Tafel family vacationing at the sea shore

The Louis Tafel Family of Pennsylvania

Tafels of Pennsylvania

The Schaechtele Family of Lauf, Germany

Webmasters of the Tafel Family Americas website

The Rudy Tafel Family of Pennsylvania

The Klaus Tafel Family of Bayreuth, Germany

Willy and Ronny Manchot of Munich, Germany

Sabrina and Natalie Manchot of Germany

Tom Hudgens of North Carolina

The Leonard Branch Family Members

The Christian Branch Family Members

The Immanuel Branch Family Members

Some of the Gottlob Branch Family Members

The Vance and Richardson Family

The Guertin and David Tafel Family

The James Tafel Family

The John Tafel Family

The Smailer Family

The Schmidt Family

The Armstrong Family

Carla Shell with Family Members

The Hugh Tafel Family of Canada

The Klaus Victor Tafel Family of  Bayreuth, Germany

The Schaechtele Family of  Pegnitz, Germany

Gail and Wayne Guertin of Pennsylvania, US

Alec Smart of England

Babe and Bill Tafel of Kentucky, US

Rudy Tafel of Pennsylvania, US

Carla Schell and Tom Hudgens of North Carolina,US

Marco, Wanda, Greta, and Maria Tafel of Italy

Ted and Ginger Tafel of Canada

Verena Tafel of Germany

Cornelius, Stephanie, and Christian Tafel of Germany

Ulrich, Madeleine, and Maximilian Haas of Germany

Volker Frank and Christa Tafel Frank of Germany

Maurice and Dorothy Raraty of England

Bill Tafel of Kentucky with Dave and Linda Tafel of Pennslyvania

Klaus, Claudia, and Maria Tafel of Germany

Ruth Tafel of Germany with Roberto and Marika Tafel of Italy

Hermann Tafel of Germany

Beth Tafel Shuster, Jim, and James Shuster

Jack and Marcia Easterling of Troy, NY

Jack Craig and Jean Baines Tafel of Oregon,US

Heinrich and Susanne Schachtele of Germany

Gertraud Hubrich of Germany with Ruth Tafel of Pennsylvania,US

Dolores Limon and Moonyeen of Mexico

Dick and Elsa Tafel of Canada

Barbara Tafel Thomas of Kentucky with Ursula Tafel of Austria

Jim C. Tafel

Mary & Louis Tafel

James, Jim, & Beth (Tafel) Shuster

Doris & Dave Anderson's Golden Anniversary

Bob & Eliz's Wedding in Kentucky

Willy Manchot and Family

Sherry & Craig Marshall

Kristen & Eduardo Saltelli

Jonathan, Kerry, Derek, & Melissa